Draft New Southwark plan

Dear Campaigners

Further to the preferred option consultation, we are pleased to see that Judith Kerr Primary School playing fields are now designated within the ‘Draft New Southwark Plan: Area Visions and Site Allocation (preferred option) as New Open Space Designation (section 12.2. Herne Hill and North Dulwich Area Vision Map).

Since the preferred option consultation expired, the site has been subject to a change of use to (D1 Educational) - note Southwark planning application 16/AP/1944:.

The support was overwhelmingly in favour of change of use:  129 online responses were received  with only 6 letters that contested  the application. A letter of support of was also sent to the planners  from the Delawyk Crescent Management Organisation Limited that represents 115 homes.  

On the 17th January Southwark planning committee unanimously supported the application and formal planning permission for school use (Class use D1) of the green space and caretaker’s house was granted on 26th January 2017.  

The planning officer's report to the planning committee also made clear that the site was not required to meet Southwark's housing needs.

Furthermore the site received funding from Southwark Council’s 2016/17 Cleaner Greener Safer fund for additional matting.  

The planning department should note that there is an open planning application 17/AP/0118 ‘ Erection of an Almshouse (Class C3) comprising 20 x 1 bed flats’. This application has 313 electronic responses - with an overwhelming majority of parents, businesses and locals AGAINST the application. Helen Hayes sent out a survey and is collating the large number of responses that received. 

It is therefore clear that there remains strong and growing support for the protection of this vital school playing field adjacent to a thriving and growing school and certainly cannot be considered as a possible infill site.

Southwark have said that previous responses to the consultation are still valid but we'd like them to hear that the space has ongoing public support to become 'Other Open Space'.