On the 27th June 2016 we met with Helen Hayes MP in Westminster to talk about how she can publicly support our campaign.  It was a very positive meeting and there she has agreed to follow up with Nicky Morgan.  She also has done a video pledging her support which you can watch here.

Piece in the Dulwich Diverter

Piece in 'The Week Junior'

We had a piece in the Saturday 18th June Times,

Jay Rayner blogged about the Green Space.

Sunday 3rd July's  Observer here

There was also an article in BDonline which you can see here  

What next?

The Dulwich Estate haven’t made any commitments on dates for submitting the application although we are expecting it in late July 2016. The debate rages, with local support for the school high and despair at the approach of setting a state primary school against almshouses also high. 

If you are a journalist, supporter or generally interested and interested to know more, please use contact us at campaign@savethegreenspace.co.uk